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Nick Rose

Founder of King's Crown Clothing Co.



King's Crown Collective

Brand Name: King's Crown Collective

Slogan: "Build Your Own Throne."

Mission Statement:

King's Crown Collective is a design and apparel brand that reflects the three most prominent philosophies of entrepreneurs and creative people who strive to be their own boss. They are: 

1) Intellectuality - Thinking independently.

2) Expression - Creatively conveying beliefs. 

3) Self-Mastery - Disciplining oneself physically and mentally. 

Each one of these mental practices is represented by a collection of clothing and other media that manifests the theme of that collection.

We aim to visually depict the fundemental components of these philosophies in order to inspire people who want to build their own throne. 

King's Crown is comprised of three collections, one for each of the entreprenurial philosophies mentioned earlier. Each collection has its own representative logo/icon. Every piece we release is labeled according to the collection it belongs to. This adds a collectability factor to each piece.  

This was the first collection of shirts released summer 2012. The batch was used to make start up cash that would be used to find the following collections.                 

The theme of this collection is independent thinking. Thinking independently is having a skeptic lens and having Knowledge of Self. An entrepreneur must have knowledge of self because he must know himself before he can know others and collaborate with them. Just as the human behind the brand must have knowledge of self, the brand has to have an identity as well. This brand's identity and message is instructive for me, the owner of the brand, and I hope it will continue to be instructive for others who wish to start their own brand. The three philosophies behind King's Crown help me stay foccussed on a business level, an artistic level and on a personal level too. The crown logo of the Intellect Collection symbolizes independence and confidence, two essential components of an entrepreneur's style. 

The Franklin tee (top left) is for those who make their passion their hustle. Curren$y said, "fuck the system I get paid without it."

The Crown Tessellation Tee (top right) was influenced by the visuals produced by psilocybin mushrooms. Open your mind. 

The Royal Foundation Tee (bottom left) is a simple and clean design. The dragon, in Chinese culture, represents masculinity. To become a man is to achieve knowledge of self. This tee is called Royal Foundation because Knowledge of Self is the foundation from which one begins his pursuit of happiness. 

The King Of Spades Tee (bottom right) is an intricately detailed twist on the playing card. The spade symbolizes strength in times of peril. To be King is to rule your passions, desires and fears. 


Sneak preview of what's next:

The theme of this collection is self-mastery, which is disciplining yourself physcially and mentally. The collection's logo is symbolic of its theme. The kung fu warrior is on guard; ready to defend or attack. He represents the mindset of an entrepreneur who is willing to defend his brand identity while maintaining a certain hunger that keeps him charging forward and progressing. 

Sneak preview of what's next:

One who wants to be his own boss must first learn to balance his work and his play. Too much work can lead to a deflated mind and can dampen creativity, while too little work will no doubt result in laziness. Time management is a balancing act. Master it. 

The theme of this collection is blatant expression. This collection is Influenced by the graffiti writers, MCs, DJs, and other creative minds that are proud to call themselves Hip Hop. The mentality behind this collection is translatable to all cultures, though. The Expression Collection is for those who wear their soul on their sleeve. They creatively express their beliefs and ideals without regret. Represent your culture with pride, wear your crown with honor. 

Sneak preview of what's next:

Modern Day Medicine tee



The idea for this brand came from listening to Hip Hop music and being apart of the culture itself. The three philosophies King's Crown represents are especially evident in Hip Hop, where self-made hustlers and artists creatively express themselves through a variety of mediums. I wanted to take the mentality of this legendary culture and make it relatable to all cultures. As a young graffiti writer, I have always been holding down the visual side of things, so naturally, I wanted to translate my thoughts through graphics and clothes. It only seemed right to add a little philosophical element to it all. Hip Hop legend RZA said, “Clothing is protection. Mental Clothing is how you carry yourself-the way you walk, the way you move and speak.” (24, The Tao of WU).

These three philosophies yield independence through creativity. All of us in this classroom are represented by this brand and its message. We are all creative minds who think independently and strive to perfect our projects. 

My goal for the future:

I want to create clothing that speaks to people on an intellectual level. I believe I have done that with the Hip Hop tee, the Franklin tee, and the Martial Artist tee, but the messages of the other pieces may not be as clear. Every piece I make in the future will speak about the brand, its wearer, and the theme of the collection it is apart of. 

Please comment below on how you think I can visually communicate my brand's philosophies. Because I am 18, I have time to grow and learn. 

Thank you, your feedback is appreciated.

Nick Rose

Founder, King's Crown Collective

Established June, 2013


Twitter: @kingscrownco

Instagram: @kingscrownco




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