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Kingdom Defender

Kingdom Defender is a solo or coop card game. Players take on the role of heroes defending a fantasy kingdom (represented by a set of location cards) from a ever-growing series of threats. Every turn a new threat is revealed from the Threat deck. Threats represent monsters, enemy kingdoms, plagues, natural disasters, and other calamities. Each threat has it's own agenda. Between player turns each threat takes a turn advancing its own agenda per the text of the threat card. Players lose if:
* Any threat completes it's agenda
* A certain number of villagers are killed
* The king is killed
The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible. Players score points for each threat they successfully overcome.


My personal objective is to build a game that has a high level of emergent gameplay based on how threats are located and how they interact with each other, the heroes, and the kingdom to make for highly replayable and enjoyable experience.

The premise for this game was inspired by games with alternate win conditions. I wondered what a game would look like that featured multiple losing conditions - and the whole goal of the game was to avoid satisfying a losing condition. This led to the idea of threats that popped up each turn forcing the player(s) to respond and subdue them before they caused the player to lose.

The above overview is all I have put together so far. I plan to hash out the details of actual mechanics next.


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