King of the Pond

King of the Pond - student project

This class was so much fun! I've only recently gotten myself an iPad Pro and I've been loving using Procreate to do my illustrations. But this was the first time I tried using the symmetry tool! I noticed it when looking at the drawing guides but never gave it a go, so I'm so glad that I finally had the opportunity to learn what it was all about with this class. :)


Here are my first attempts at using the symmetry tool. I made a ladybug, a pencil and some sparkles.

King of the Pond - image 1 - student project

Then I went rogue and made this weird worm monster.

King of the Pond - image 2 - student project

I decided to choose "Frog" and "Forest" for my main pattern illustration. 


Here's my list, doodles, and my mood board -


King of the Pond - image 3 - student project

And here are a few froggy sketches!

King of the Pond - image 4 - student project


 King of the Pond - image 5 - student project

I'm so happy with how it turned out. I've been using this yellow green/red/pink combo for a little bit now and I love how it came together with the blue background. What do you think?

Thanks Charly for the great class! I'm excited to take some more.