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King of the Cats

Phase II:

Based on this scan I think I'm going to go back & darken some of the line work.
I'd like to add some more embellishments to the mane, I'm collecting textures this week
planning on playing with water color - but I might end up cutting some details into the mane
and layering this ontop of something, we'll see. I don't want to go overboard with textures and patterns.

Phase I:

Inspiration Board

& real-life inspiartion ( the yittle lioness of my apartment)


Hey - I'm Brittany. I've been working a steady in-house design job for a little over a year, freelancing in my spare time & thought it was time I invest a little bit in my personal art & design. I'm really getting into illustration and hand lettering lately - so I thought this would be a good opportunity to explore some stuff further with a little bit of structure.

I've been thinking a lot about a self-initiated project of cat-inspired posters.
Something to the effect of "CatNap - Refreshing Inspiration from the Feline Persuasion."
So, I'm thinking this illustration might serve as the first piece of inspiration;
"Channel your inner Lion" or something simliar about being brave or fearless.
I'm totally embracing my crazy-cat-lady-ness here
so, sorry if anyone's a dog person.

Sketch/Concept #1

A detailed front view of a lion head
I'm thinking really focus line work in the mane & around the eyes
maybe some fun patterns in the large tufts of hair;

Sketch/Concept #2
Simplistic geometric approach to lion head - maybe explore
unexpected texture & form for this one;

Sketch/Concept #3
Lion details - close up of facial features
most likely the eye(s) or mouth;


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