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King - Young Guru x Skillshare Contest

Project: King

DAW: FL Studio 11

My project is a song a friend and I recorded for his first upcoming project. Titled "King" Feat. Diesel (myself) and produced by Relta Music. I purchased the instrumental but there was no tracked out version so unfortunatley I had to work with a WAV file for the beat but still had plenty of vocal tracks, layers, and fx to mix.

This is the layout of the unmixed version with all volumes and faders at default, no effects, and no organization.

Listen to the unmixed version here:

After utilizing what I learned in the class I started with organization. First thing I did was organize all tracks into the mixer. Everything is color coded and labeled.

I used compression and EQ on all vocals. Most tracks have delay, reverb, and some distortion. I also did stereo seperation and panning for the adlibs and the wind sample after the "blizzard" lyric. There is volume automation on the bridge for when the vocals got too loud. I had to chop the beat in order for it to work with the verses we wrote and to repeat the hook. You can also hear reverse reverb for the "ghost voice" effect and I dropped the pitch on "NO!" at the end for that demonic shout.

Listen to the final mix here:

Feel free to leave questions and feedback

I've been messing around with music for the past 5 months but I have now decided to take it serious so If you're interseted in more work from me or artists I work with follow me on Soundcloud: I will be posting alot of music and instrumentals soon.


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