King Protea & Eucalyptus

King Protea & Eucalyptus - student project


I was so happy when I came across this class! Not only have I recently discovered how wonderful Dylan is, but I used to work for a floral design company. This is definitely right up my ally.


King Protea & Eucalyptus - image 1 - student project


I started out by thinking about some of my favorite flowers i used to see come through the shop. Protea and greenery was my first thought. I googled a few images and then just started to sketch. With my first page i sketched in a red col-erase pencil and went over it with a 08 micron. I later erased the lines with a kneadable eraser.


King Protea & Eucalyptus - image 2 - student project


The second page i mostly drew directly with pen and drew looser scribbly flowers. 

King Protea & Eucalyptus - image 3 - student project


I've started bring in my flowers to photoshop and have already decided i want to go back and draw more. I love Dylan's method for digitizing these! It so quick with just a short series of shortcuts. Easy breezy! Below is a screenshot of where I'm at so far, but I definitely was to add some more elements before I begin the coloring process.

King Protea & Eucalyptus - image 4 - student project


Instead of going back to paper, I found a PS brush with similar characteristics to the scanned in lines and made some additions with my wacom tablet. Just added a few more filler elements to bulk up the bouquet.

King Protea & Eucalyptus - image 5 - student project


Ta-da! I think I may experiment with some more color options, but here's where I landed thus far.


King Protea & Eucalyptus - image 6 - student project


Thanks for the wonderful class, Dylan! It's been a super enjoyable way to spend my lazy Sunday morning. Looking forward to give some more of your classes a go.

Brenna Noel
illustrator & designer