King Krule

King Krule - student project

Mitch Chadban:

Instagram mitch_chadban

For my class project, I elected to draw the ultimate swoon master King Krule. This was not due to any significant reasoning other than I have been bumping his new album a lot lately. So good!

The elements I used within my illustration are not so much reflective of King Krule personality but were chosen in an effort to solidify his silky smooth often melancholy songs. The rose and doves are reflective of his songs often featuring love or broken relationships. the layout of the design as been set up so that it visually hits home the idea of a king card as a visual play of the concept of his name "King Krule" attached with some lyrics from his most recent single from his new album.

Below is my initial ink sketch for the illustration. Done on my ipad.

King Krule - image 1 - student project

Moving onto the computer, I decided to go with a merge of the techniques and style taught in the class with a merge of my style and techniques I have developed over the years. I have also added a simple level of depth to mine for a slightly more realistic appearance whilst still remaining flat looking.

King Krule - image 2 - student project

King Krule - image 3 - student project

King Krule - image 4 - student project


Thank you, this class has been really enjoyable and I learnt a lot.