King Kong (marijuana strain)

King Kong (marijuana strain) - student project

Now before I go into my project...fuck it!

My project will be labeling marijuana strains. It's a sector that hasn't really been touched, considering marijuana is a fairly new (legal in some places) market. Like chocolate, marijuana comes in many types each with different characteristics i.e. THC percentage and effects, so why not give each a face and personality to the people who buy them?

I decided to go with the strain named King Kong, because the name is awesome, lends itself to some fun hand drawn work, and the characteristics of the high are creative and uplifted according to written documents found on the internet, so you can definitely trust that.

Here are some of the inspirations I've gathered to start from. I'm going to try a simple one color logo that would be placed on a jar, possibly a die cut sticker to give windows that will allow users to get a little peek at the product in some interesting spots. I don't really know yet, but I'll try a few different styles and see where it goes.


King Kong (marijuana strain) - image 1 - student project