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King & Country: Motorcycle Lifestyle Accessories

I started King & Country as a brand that offers hand-made leathergoods and softgoods for motorcyclists with a classic sensibility. The product designs pay tribute to the rich heritage of motorcycling in the Commonwealth, and to the legacy of British and European motorcycle makers. As a Canadian, I try to capture a sense of the diverse landscape and endless open road that can be found here.

My moodboard is definitely nostalgic and ornate. The textures and colors are rich and earthy. The figures are energetic, dynamic and heroic. I've also included mechanical elements, because the machines, the parts and the tools used to repair them are all a part of the aesthetic, and a huge part of what it means to ride vintage motorcycles.

Serendipity led me to this today, and I had to add it because it's perfect inspiration:

Here is the complete King & Country logo lockup. I'm trying to work elements of it into the label design, but I'm not concerned if I end up somewhere else, since I'm really looking to explore the potential of this brand.
Here are some of the early products:

I've already had a leather embossing stamp made. In the end I'd like my label to work both embossed in leather, silkscreened, and stitched. Ambitious, but doable, I think.

May 23:

Here are some early, very rough, sketches. Some interesting stuff here, but I'm not sure I'm 'there' yet. I will sketch some more new ideas, then probably come back to some of these to refine futher.


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