Kinetic Intro

This course really inspired me to get some projects completed.  As I followed along with the videos, trying out the techniques as they were taught, I stopped long enough to record a short audio file to use as I completed the course.  One of the first things that I discovered was that I had gone through my introductory message a little too quickly, so I split the audio into pieces so that each composition had its own audio segment, allowing me to take the one second or less that I spoke and stretch it to two seconds for each comp.  Maybe still too short, but I could go back and make longer compositions to allow more time for the animations to play out.

This also became my first video upload to YouTube.

I learned a lot, and experimented a bit more as I went.

For the "animator" segment, I made everything 3D and added a camera and lighting.  Instead of the track matte I originally started with, it became an animated pop on.

The background in the "filmmaker" segment ended up looking like a video in the background, but really it is just a texture photo of tree bark with a gentle rotation and Y-position animation.

For the "photographer" segment, it was too short to put a focus blur in, but I found that a flash effect in the middle of the word being said seemed to work well.


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