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Denise Sam

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Kindness with Interest

Hi guys! 

So I came accross this neato workshop late and joined this morning.  I'm trying to catch up and hop in with everyone!

My quote is "Your kindness will come back to you with interest."  It's something I said the other day to my husband, who is, quite frankly, the bees knees.   We were talking about being kind and maintaining integrity in the face of situations where we might rather scream like banchees or put our fist through the wall.  So I was encouraging him to keep with his nature of being awesome in a tough situtation.  And I do beleive that kindness will be given back to you tenfold!

So I'm going to make him a poster about it.  Lol.  For realz.  

My emotion word is 'encouragement.'


This is the first time I ever made a mood board.  So fun!   I was thinking on the theme of 'interest' - words like increase, return, multiply, multitude.  I was simultaneously thinking on kindness - words like peace, calm, grounded.  I turned to nature, where all these things seem to sow together on their own.  Also, I find the general colour palette that naturally came out of this excercise really calming and grounding.  


So this is also the first time that I have ever created thumbnails.  It was really a neat exercise.  Here are the first eight... I may make more in the next few days.   I enjoyed exploring scale and proportion regarding the text and the message being relayed. 


The 'Y' is drawing me to set the tone - it has such an important shape.  So I explored some different letterform as well.  Currently I'm feelin' the one up in the top left-hand corner: 


Hi Mete, 

This is my first full sketch trying to relay my idea.  I really like it and would love your feedback.  I had played around with things that were much busier and more detailed but I really like the simplicity of this.  Once I had sketched it I felt as though the simplicity better translated the idea of kindness as a grounded and basic action/choice.  Also, the linear plants juxtapose the cursive calligraphic elements - at least to me. What do you think??  I had also played around with very round laurels and vines but the overall piece lost it's power amid the overwhelming detail. 


Hi Mete, 

I took your suggestions and carried it into the next sketch.  It's more detailed than I had originally planned but I believe it is starting to tell it's own story.   Thoughts??


Ok here is the inked version with a few tweaks and changes.  Overall, I'm really pleased with it! 


Alright, I'm photoshop challenged, as I have never ever used it before.  I am struggling with selecting, inverting, masking, the whole works.  BUT I am simultaneously taking a skillshare class on how to make my lettering into a brush, so I applied the success that I found with that here.  I brought in old parchement paper, and applied this entire piece as a brush.  Thank goodness for skillshare classes.  I'm so excited to improve.  I am going to keep playing around with everything, since we still have a few days before the project is due. 


Hi Mete, I took your advice and kept at it with learning the photoshop textures, etc.  I tried a large variety on this piece but really like it pretty much as it is.  I did apply a gentle pencil finish to it, which I feel makes the ink look more organic and handmade.  Notice that the bottom flourishes - the two thick strokes with the heart in the middle - are in fact bleeding slightly.  This is indicative of inking old, pourous parchment, so I thought that was stellar.  There is now a variation in the black ink, which I feel makes it look more believable.   Thanks again for everything, this workshop was awesome. 



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