Kindly Veteran

Kindly Veteran - student project

Hello! This is my first ever head construction - I'm entirely new to this process, but I've learned a ton from this class. Please forgive the lack of detail on this line drawing, it's just a relatively quick first creation, and it took a bit of time trying to figure out how to effectively communicate a beard and the shape of hair, since those are also new territory.

I think I have a few pieces of self-criticism that I'd like to make if I were to repeat this process again or were to add increased detail, as this is still lacking internal definition around the beard and hair. First of all, my line hierarchy needs a bit more definition and smoothness, as it contributes the majority of the shape, but looks a bit jarred around the bottom of this character's beard. Similarly, the internal lines on the hair are a bit too thick and resemble the largest lines, so I'd change that too. 

What I really struggled with was how to define my character's lips, and to get the eyes, cheeks, and lips to all line up in presenting a friendly kind of demeanour. I eventually figured out the lips by simply leaving the general shape of the mouth and making the smaller accent lines surrounding, including the philtrum, laugh lines, and creases below the lip which imply the shading that would go there. How I'd do this in a character with fuller lips, I guess would be a similar process, but any feedback on how to do that more effectively is very welcome.

I'm not entirely happy with the hoop piercing in his ear, either - it lacks in real definition, though that might have also been an issue of using too thick a brush to get the outer and inner edges, so next time that will be done with a  very fine detail brush. 

I have to say, I really really loved this course. I'm finding myself working on trying to find out what art I like the most so I can figure out what I want to work on - next up is painting faces and painting figures. I'm also a huge 40K fan, and I recognise Hardy's art style from some of the novel covers, so that was a pleasant surprise to find him here. Thank you very much!