Kinder Rose

Kinder Rose - student project

This project is a but unusual in that it all started in my head. There are no photo inspirations, or photo inspirations for the color stories, since the pattern emerged from a memory. 

My homeroom teacher from kindergarten used the back wall of our classroom to hang our projects. While I had some of my essays displayed, not one of my art projects was ever displayed. Which my mother thought was unusual, all of my classmates had their art work up there at one point or another. 

However, I didn't mind, since I just liked to draw (I was also five. So that oversight just went over my head.) I just drew what I liked or what was required. (ie, draw a house. So I drew a house.) It never occurred to me that drawings could be graded.

One day, we were required to draw a flower bed. So I drew a flower bed filled with roses. My teacher came over, saw my work, and then sighed. She told me that she always felt disappointed in my work, because the art looked boring. Which is why my drawings never got chosen for the board.

I looked down on my drawing, and realized that all my roses were orange, and the stems a deep bluish green. The soil was also colored blue, but with more shading, and the sky was a lighter blue because I didn't add much pressure. It was very two tone.

I didn't think there was anything wrong with the picture, but she got a new piece of paper asked me to re-draw my work. This time, she handed me more crayons, and told me how to color my work. 

My work did end up on the board, and she never bothered me again.  

This memory jumped up at me these last two workshops. In choosing color stories, I noticed that my work had the tendency to be very monochromatic. And while I do like neutrals and pastels, my preference seems to be colors that probably weird a kindergarten teacher out: avocado and purple, or fuschsia and brown. 

I haven't drawn in years, and normally, I do not choose botanical subjects. Even in my photography class, I very rarely took pictured of flowers, plants, and trees. 

Through these classes, I am slowly exploring my color palette, and considering nature subjects. And found that I do enjoy them.

That said, I wanted to draw this flower the way I wanted to when I was six, without any interference. Which is how I came up with the name kinder rose.

Kinder Rose - image 1 - student project

The drawings are so simple, it required no sketching. I just dove right in with the water colors. 

This is not a medium I use. I think this is the first time in 20? 30 years I've used it. But the hydrus water colors made mixing shades very to use. A tube would probably force me to make things opaque, but the Hydrus' consistency made watercolors more approachable. This has opened a new world, and encouraged me to start watercolor painting. 

Kinder Rose - image 2 - student project

Kinder Rose - image 3 - student project

The color story came from the motifs. It had most of the colors I wanted, so I thought it would be easier to just pull the colors from my work. (And yes, it looked very close to the flowers I drew when I was six, minus sky and grass.) 

Kinder Rose - image 4 - student project

This is the final pattern.

Kinder Rose - image 5 - student project

One of the things I like about designing surface patterns is that you never really know what you're going to get until you build the pattern and start playing with it. I never would have thought that things would be look so different once you scaled things.

I did some mock-ups using the vectors that were provided in the next class. 

Kinder Rose - image 6 - student project

The dress is the same pattern but scaled down by 50%, while the phone case is by 80%.

I saw so much of the yellow in the tile, that I didn't think the blue would punch through. But it stands out more when the pattern is scaled down.

Now onto the technical difficulties:

The reason why there is only one color scheme, is because I grouped two of the motifs wrong. I tried finding shortcuts, but it seems like I will need to build the pattern from the ground up. I also ended up slowing the document so much, I thought I might as well start over. However, I didn't want to end the class empty handed, so I thought I'd pass this one while I am working on the other.