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Kina Grannis Elements Tour Poster

I have decided to design a poster based on the artist Kina Grannis. It is because of her music, that I started to teach myself how to play the guitar. Thus, I have a very good understanding of her style and music. Her newest album is coming out in May and she is doing a release tour soon to promote it. 

I did some additional research to look into detail her style through her album art and merchandize. She is very artsy and modern. She has that "hippie" feel, but at the same very clean and straight. Her newest tour for her elements album is a bit more modern and refers a lot to the elements of earth and has some retro colors. She uses the triangle as seen in the T-shirt to symbolize her album so I think I want to use that element in the poster to help advertise the tour locations and dates. 

album covers:


Research inspiration:


notes and shetch:

I think i'll end up making the poster very typorgraphy driven and keep it simple with the triangle symbol and with lines comine out from it. For detail, I was thinking I could add a cloud texture behind the triangle and ground texture for the floor. For colors, a radial glow of color for the center of the triangle. Size: 11" x 17"


3 different possible layouts:


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