Kim's Design Sheet

Kim's Design Sheet - student project

Here is my design sheet for my Paper Florals pattern collection. I included a placement that could be used for a note card and/or wall art. I have different color ways, and was wondering about how to catalog that. This one is called Intrigue.Kim's Design Sheet - image 1 - student project

The numbers signify the year and month created. So this is the 180300 series. The placement is 18030A ... so if there was another placement, I would number it 18030B. The lower-case "a" at the end of pattern #180304 designates that this pattern comes in another color (or colors), which would be "b," "c" etc.

I do have a few questions:

- Is it okay that some of the patterns are overlapped?

- Is it okay to separate the collection title from my name/logo?

- Is it okay to have titles in different fonts from one design sheet to another? I like to sort of match the fonts to the patterns.

Thanks for a very informative class, Shelley!

Kim Bliss
Graphic & Surface Designer | Artist