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Kimlee Davis

Artist, Musician, Poet



Kimlee, the D0rkf4ce!

Simply put, I am an artist of many dreams.

I love to illustrate through various mediums.

I create and express myself through my music.

I write poetry because it is the language of my heart.

And I care too much about the world and every living thing inhabiting it.

I am Kimlee.

Here is my self-portrait:


This piece represents me, not only because it is drawn from a picture of me, but because of the words I hide behind. I like to hide behind my art and let it speak for me, usually. The space around me represents unlimited potential and opportunities that are waiting and surrounding me. The vastness of the unknown. I left parts of this piece a bit messy and unfinished because that's how I am. Never finished. Never perfect. I've always wanted to be an illustrator and now I've illustrated myself as I am as a musician as well. Meow!

Thank you for the wonderful class. You've fanned the embers burning beneath my core. :)


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