Kimberly R. Swan

Kimberly R. Swan - student project

Who am I? I am the type of person who prefers to talk professionally and take things seriously, but I also enjoy laughing at funny videos and posts. I am also honest about my feelings and would never lie to somebody just to make them feel better, I believe in constructive criticism. I'm also unusually open-minded and empathic, I do not judge others so easily and will always try to put myself in their shoes to see their point of view on things. Unless you're a pedophile, then you're gross.

What do I have to offer? I can offer great constructive criticism, and I am crazy about grammar mistakes and am good at fixing them as well. I can also offer to read book reviews and become a beta reader, which might sound kind of obvious, but I'll say it anyway. One more thing that I can offer is being open and friendly to anyone without judgment. I tend to get along with others pretty easily.

Who is my target audience? I'm aiming for New Adult readers, so readers 18 or older who also enjoy reading action novels.

Where will I post my content? I love being on Twitter and could read tweets all day, so I feel comfortable on there, but I will be making more accounts as I go along.

I enjoy reading mostly action, fantasy and horror novels, but I'll be open up to reading just about anything. I also enjoy talking about books or anything else that I like with others who enjoy the same things I do. But writing is my number one passion, and I wouldn't give it up for anything. Except for my dog, because I love my dog.


Kimberly Swan
Upcoming Author & Journalist