Kim W. - All The Trips I Ever Took (Ever) (Class Assignment from the intro video)

Right then.  Year by year, here are all the trips I ever took, ever.

1970 - 1992, 5 times a year; then 1992 - present, twice a year - Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  (My grandparents lived thereon.)

1976 - Disney World, via road trip in a rented camper with my cousins and aunt and uncle.

1978 - Sturbridge Village (I think?) - a half-remembered day trip with a summer camp.

1979 - Disney World again; this time my younger brother was old enough to go.

1980 - Disney World yet again.

1981 - New Hampshire?  I think we went there that year.

1982 - Tucson, Arizona - also my first time on a plane.

Also - Washington, DC with a class trip.  I was put into a room with a girl who became my best friend.

1983 - Montreal and Quebec.

1984 - Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Dutch Country; also a comedically ill-fated camping trip in Maine.

1986 - School Choir trip to Puerto Rico.

1987 - Another trip to Tucson.

1988 - Family road trip to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, and Lake Powell, UT.

1991 - Dublin, Cork, and Kinsale, Ireland.

1995 - another trip to Montreal.

1996 - The Hamptons, Philadelphia, Williamstown MA.

1997 - New Orleans, LA.  (In August.  Bad timing.)

1998 - Dublin, Cork, and KinsalCe again.

2000 - Road trip from NYC to Vegas, passing through Cleveland, the Cahokia mounds, St. Louis, part of Route 66, Carthage MO, Fredonia KS, Dodge City, Gunnison CO, Arches National Park.

2001 - Road Trip covering San Francisco, Yosemite, San Luis Obispo, Big Sur, Monterey, and Carmel.

2005 - Stratton Mt., Vermont; my brother's wedding.  (I embarrassed him during the toasts by telling a story about that family trip in 1988.)

2007 - Chicago.

2008 - Port Jefferson, NY.

A couple times in here - Woodstock, NY, and Fleischmanns NY.

2009 - New Orleans again - my birthday was the day after Mardi Gras that year.

2011 - London; I went for only 5 days, mainly to see David Tennant in a play.  He autographed my program and is the most gracious man alive.

2012 - London again, because only a 5 day trip is ridiculous. I kayaked the Thames, explored a bit more, and when I learned that Christopher Eccleston was going to be opening a play that week I figured it was fate and bought a ticket as well.  

2013 - Rome and Florence; later, a trip to Berkeley, CA.

2014 - Moab, UT in winter.

2015 - Paris.


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