Kim Nunley

Kim Nunley  - student project

Hi everyone! My name is Kim Nunley and I'm a screenwriter and filmmaker in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm really excited about this class because I need to improve my title sequence design skills for my short films! I don't have a completed film to work on right now, so I thought I'd practice by creating an intro clip to use at the beginning of other videos I produce. I want it to capture the type of stories I write/produce and also utilize my logo.

I want the two feather pens to drop from the top of the screen and flutter down into their position in my logo. As they hit the bottom, they drop bits of ink. Afterwards, the inkwell image and my name will fade in. Here's my initial rough sketch:

Kim Nunley  - image 1 - student project

And here is the link to my rough animatic video:

UPDATE - 5/2/13

Wowzers. I went on first my date with After Effects and it didn't go well. It took me a while to figure out how to do about EVERTHING, but I have a rough, rough, rough take on my animated logo.

Eventually, I hope to make the feathers look like they're actually falling instead of jumping back and forth. I have a lot of work left to do, but I have an idea now of what needs to be done. I'm not AS lost in After Effects.

I spent the last two hours trying to upload my video file onto Vimeo, but it's acting up. I don't know if their server is down or what, but I couldn't get it up before I had to leave today.

UPDATE - 5/3/13

Okay! Vimeo finally stopped acting like a punk and processed my video.

UPDATE 5/10/13

I made some adjustments to my completed animated logo. I tried to improve the way that the feathers fell. It still needs more work, but I'm happy with what I've done in these three weeks. Here's the latest:

Kim Nunley

Writer & Filmmaker