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Killua - Friendship

I recently watched the anime series Hunter x Hunter (2011) and I really liked Killua Zoldyck as a character. So I tried to combine what he looked like as an infant and his more grown up but still a child version.



He has a darker side when he's more grown up. That's why I decided to combine. (At this point, I admit that I did this for myself and friends, not for a child.)
And here's the darker side:


For the moodboard, I searched tumblr, pinterest, google images. And I came across to a lot of good things. I was already familiar with the character's facial expressions.




For the text, I wanted to go with a quote that represents the character: 
"I want to make something clear. The next time something like this happens, I won’t bother thanking you. If something happens, and I end up helping you, you don’t need to thank me. Friends are supposed to help friends. From now on, we’ll be working together. So we’ll be helping each other. Supporting each other isn’t a big deal. It’d be lame to thank each other for every little thing."
(And I really like this point of view, that's another reason I chose this part.)

I used ellipse tool (and a lot of transform-scale-copy) for the eyes; drew eyelash and hair with pencil tool; used polygon for the chin and completed the head with ellipse tool. 

And I came up with this:



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