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Killer mermaid

Hello, guys and welcome to the 'Killer mermaid' project.

Initially I wanted to create a character for ZBrush sculpting and texturing practice so I though it would be a great idea to implement this character design project with my sculpting project :') I knew I wanted to sculpt a mermaid so now I will try to create her design that is interesting and simplistic at the same time (I don't want to sculpt anything too complicated!)

So, these are my thumbnails. As you can see from the very first one, I wasn't very confident at the begining but then I kinda got used to it and now I find thumbnailing pretty fun (and really useful!) I used one of Charlie's brushes to draw these..

That's it for now!

2/11/13 EDIT:

Hey guys, long time no see! First of all, thank you so much for your feedback!!! That was really helpful :')

I finally got to add more details to the thumbnails. I've decided to refine all of the thumbnails and this is the result!

Which one do you fancy most? Or maybe you like separate parts from each mermaid? Please let me know!! :')


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