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Killer Instinct in Modernity

I created my poster by basing it off of a science exhibit rather than an art exhibit.  The poster advertises this fictional exhibit with a picture I drew with a tiger clawing at some cat toys.  The name of the exhibit is Killer Instinct in Modernity.  The science exhibit displays the way some animal's instincts are making them behave interestingly in modern settings.  I chose black, white, and gray (for the drawing) to make an emphasis on the text 'modernity' and how it can influence animals with predatory DNA to do silly or peculiar things in response to modern predicaments.  I emphasized it by contrasting it with the black and white by having it colored with turquoise.  

Here is the picture I drew:

And here is the poster with text:

I chose to make small overlapping with the text to be cut off by the poster just to add something very subtle and different.  It might also symbolize that the DNA of the animals in today's world are pretty much still on point in working for them, but there are these peculiar minor hiccups that some may go through from time to time based on a modern setting.  

If the subtle overlapping text concept worked, should I overlap the text more off the poster?  


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