Courtney Groom

Graphic Designer



Kill your heroes and fly

*UPDATE 4/3* Below is the most up-to-date piece. I think I might add flourishes all around it, but who knows. It's pretty simple as is.

*UPDATE 3/24* Below are a few variations of the word Fly. I think I'm going to go with #4. Thoughts? It's going to interact with the bottom of the ampersand.

*3/20* Below is what I have accomplished so far. I really enjoy the direction it's going in. I haven't quite figured out how to incorporate "fly" yet. I tried a few variations and erased them. Going to buy some tracing paper this week and see if I can figure something out. I would like to make it cursive, but I also feel as if it should kind of stand out and be in your face, like a thick sans. Any ideas?

I made the ampersand go in front of "heroes" sort of like it's killing it/blocking it. Thinking of making it go over the "ER" and through the "O" in the vector version.

*START* My phrase that I have chosen is from an Awolnation song called "Kill your heroes." The meaning for the phrase, "kill your heroes and fly," to me is about my graphic design work and I guess life. To me it means stop trying to focus on all the great projects others are creating and not thinking you're good enough, just fly. Do what makes you happy and what you think is great work.


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