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Nora ElGazzar

Graphic Designer



Kill your Darlings


i'm really excited to be working on this project because as much as i loved lettering as much as i've always been intimidated by it! 

so to start off, i wanted to work on 2 quotes parallelly.

1) "kill your darlings", i heard it in a creative session that was mainly tackling the creative process and how we tent to fall in love with our intial idea, eventhough if you give yourself a chance to develop it more, you might end up with something great and most probably different than your primary idea! so the idea was no to be afraid to "kill your darlings".

2)"life would be tragic if it weren't funny"-stephen hawking.

so far i did some rough sketches. 

i did a neater sketch of the first quote here..

scanned and traced the first quote...

now for the second in progress :) 

as always, feedback is highly appreciated.


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