Kill Them with Kindness

Kill Them with Kindness - student project

New draft! (3/26/13)

Kill Them with Kindness - image 1 - student project

I'd love any feedback on whether I should stick to the script for the final word or just add flourishes to the block text. I'm so much more comfortable with my calligraphy nib than the pencil!


I am currently doing a 365 day lettering project but I usually use my calligraphy nib and ink to create the initial design and then digitally color in photoshop, so I'm hoping to use this class to learn more about illustrative lettering. One of my favorite phrases is "Kill them with Kindness" since it's proven to be a great way of dealing with difficult situations with people. I really love flourishes but I also want to play a bit more with  block lettering. I'm completely new to drawing letters rather than writing in a pseudo copperplate style, so I'm looking forward to improving!

Kill Them with Kindness - image 2 - student project

Kill Them with Kindness - image 3 - student project

Kelly Cummings

Wedding Photographer & Amateur Letterer