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Kilgore & Co.

Hello, all!

Drawing some inspiration from the works of Kurt Vonnegut, I decided to create a fake brand for the eccentric character of Kilgore Trout, a fictional science-fiction writer.


Overall, some pretty similar stuff after exploring other shapes with other names (in the place of "Kilgore"). Decided I liked the slant design with a thin-ish stroke.

First pass at vectoring:

Wasn't too keen on the variations in thickness, the flourishes, and the readability, so I revised a bit from here:

Settled on this design, with the added "& Co." From here, I added some additional text and realized I wanted the flourish on the ampersand to extend a bit more. So here are a few that are closer to finished -- went ahead and took them through roughening and texture to get them closer to what I was looking for.

Very open to comments on how to refine this further! Planning to roughen it up a bit further and perhaps re-address the "o" and "r" intersection.




Addressed a few things, including the "K", "o", and "r", and I'm happier with the result. Threw it on a few textured backgrounds for fun too.


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