Kiks does Odd Bodies

Kiks does Odd Bodies - student project

I've been a big fan of Tom's work so I was really excited to do this project! I'm struggling right now to find my "style" and it is super frustrating. I tend to fuss over the proportions and details of my people, but would really like to just let it flow and embrace the weirdness. 


Kiks does Odd Bodies - image 1 - student project

Action Figures

I don't draw men so naturally, I picked this hip hop dude to get out of my comfort zone. I tried my best to just do a quickie. The second drawing is from memory and it's more stylized and loose, but not odd enough. 


Kiks does Odd Bodies - image 2 - student project

Page of Poses

I thought this would be more challenging because of the active poses but it was a lot of fun. My people are still in normal proportions though, still not odd enough.


Kiks does Odd Bodies - image 3 - student project

People in Shapes

My girl is taking a selfie! This definitely got me out of my need for perfect proportions. Got some inspiration from Tom's drawing with the pointy boots. 


 Kiks does Odd Bodies - image 4 - student project


I did not know how this was useful until my 3rd odd cutout. My urge for correct proportions was totally squashed in this one. It was so unexpectedly fun.


Kiks does Odd Bodies - image 5 - student project 


It's valentines day and I just got some flowers from my husband. At first, I wanted the flowers to be big and the girl to be small. Then I decided to make her have long legs, arms and hair. I sort of cheated by making her hair cover her whole body, but I'm liking this tiny head situation. I would for sure call this one ODD! 


Final Thoughts 

I rely super heavily on reference images, even as I refine my sketches which I see now is the root of my problem! I should just use them initially and put them away forever. For now, will try small head and exaggerated accessories as my baby steps. Thanks Tom!




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