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Amy Heyse

Art Teacher



Kiki's Delivery Service Poster

I am an Illustrator newbie for the most part. I took a graphic design class back in college about 5 years ago and learned next to nothing in a semester. Back when I was in the class, I always stayed as far away from Illustrator as possible mostly because of the pen tool.

I had a couple of images picked out for this project, but ultimately decided to go with this Kiki's Delivery Service poster. I like that the poster is simple and reads easily.

Here is my poster so far with the blocked out shapes. I used the shape tools for the moon and the broomstick handle and the pen tool for Kiki, the broom bristles, and the cage. I used the blob brush for the bow and Jiji the cat.


I added some text and tweaked some of the colors. My font is really close to the original, but isn't quite a match. The last thing I need to work on is doing the texture on the moon and doing a slight gradient in the dark blue background.


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