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Samantha Renee

Illustrator/Graphic Designer



Kids at the Pool

I was walking past our apartment pool the other day to check on my mail and noticed they finally filled it with water. They were fixing it and now letting the chemicals adjust before the kids could jump in. As I looked at that empty pool I wanted to capture the moment I thought would happen when they first open those gates for the kids. Here's the cleaned up drawing I started with:


Here's the base colors:


Next the shaded version:


and finally the colored outlines:


On the background image I decided to go with the black outlines on the subjects so they would show up better on the brick wall.


If you'd like to see my other work, check out my website here:

You can even see some art videos up on my Youtube channel here: samanthawds

Thanks for checking out my project, let me know any tips or anything I could do to improve it.


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