Zita Major




Kids are in bed finally.

Watching the course during the day gave me an instant itch. But I had to wait until bedtime, because I wanted to steal my kids' markers and play alone.

Here's a how to for restarting parents:

  • Step #1: Prepare your paper, and find a marker that actually wet enough to make a mark.
  • Step #2: Sit down in front of the mirror in the ante-room.
  • Step #3: Stand up again to find some mirror cleaning liquid, because you can't see anything.
  • Step #4: Start the fun, finally.


Hello Picasso! (Illustrates my state of mind pretty well)


Hello Eliza, from Slapstick! (At least how I always imagined you)


And well, hello Mr. Vonnegut! (This exercise is very good for associative play too)


I'm definitely having fun, thanks! Tomorrow I'm uploading the stick drawings, but now I'm really like my first self-portrait, so I have to get some sleep. Good night!


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