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Kids Growing up


Usually when I draw I seek inspiration in my daugther and the family and friends around her. I take a lot of pictures but don´t get some golden moments and then I like to draw them in some way to remember them. 

My inspiration is my daughter and her friend in this project. Here she is having fun with glips in her eye peaking over to her friend that is more easy going. She loves reggie music and the icelandic pop star Páll Óskar.


This is my first drawing that I take into photoshop and this class teached me some skills for that.

Before I had her I did some kids in clown costumes with a pensil, maybe I will dig them up and use this teqnique. I had a lot of fun!


//Project 2

Session 1

My daugther is the one who inspires me.

Seeing the world through her eyes and perspective is so much fun. She is kind, fun and inventive. She likes to paint and loves blueberries. She jumpes all over and loves to be outside. This is her going to a birthday party at her friends house, they love Pippi Longstocking so here see is with her hair done like Pippi and a Pippi birthday gift.



I am going to use this snowy photo.

In my first project I worked with memories that I wanted to keep and I hope to be able to keep working with that in the future.

I came up with a little different concept for the second project. I am going to work with nature and childhood. Society is always moving more from nature but I want to try to capture if we would still live more in nature. I am a nature lover and my daughter  is one of those kids that loves being outside. She regularly asks questions like "why can´t I ride the reindeer?" or "why are there no blueberries mom?" "Can you catch the sheep I wan´t to hug it". So kids in nature is my concept and my daughter the inspiration.

//This is my drawing. I still think it is lacking something so maybe with time I will add some element to it.


This is the color pallet I have created to use for my project



I will add some shadows and I am working on some extra to add to the photo


//Textures and final

This is the final I was able to get for the time limit. I would love to work better on the shadows and textures later so all feedback would be great. 


Thanks for this great class Erla!


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