Kids Colour In Your own Map of: Hampton Court Palace!

Kids Colour In Your own Map of: Hampton Court Palace! - image 1 - student projectHi everyone! Thanks Tina for letting me know about this lovely project. Better late than never!!! I joined on Saturday, which was great timing for our family trip to Hampton Court Palace. I've never tried Creating a map before, but thought it would be a great way of getting my kids more interactive with our days out. So, here's my first homework project. I'm not sure how much more I'll get done by next weekend, and I haven't thought about any further than homework 1 yet!

Both my kids love drawing, but don't yet have the skills to do anything too accurate and get easily distracted to move on to something else if they aren't happy with what they're drawing! They love to colour in, plot routes, star or indicate favourite  spots and places, know where a gift shop is and ice cream. Everything else is pretty much incedental! 

I took a few photos during the day there, but I find it pretty much impossible to sketch whilst the kids are around, so I made that map that evening-pretty quickly and without any pre-conceptions as Ann suggested. It was fun to see what I could come up whith spur of the moment. 

To include on the map, I asked the kids what they'd particularly liked or noticed during the day. It's great to see their view of somewhere opposed to an adults:

1. Lots of small red bricks!

2. A palace by the river

3.The gift shop

4. How many cafes there were

5. Ice cream

6. The King's Crown

7. The King's kitchens

8. The Maze

I tried to incorporate these onto the map, which they can then do the following with themselves:

1.Colour it in

2.Draw little symbols of things or places they like-eg a crown, a jester's hat, a cake!

3.Add these symbols to their own Key on the scroll

4.Plot the route they took around the place-perhaps with paw prints, footprints, whatever...

itwould be great if they continued this as they get older. We spend a lot of weekends going around National Trust properties and I'm pretty sure they'll come up with some much more interactive hi-tech designs themselves along the way. Maybe they can then apply this to holidays or even projects at school...

Hope you like it! Caroline x

Caroline Davis

Freelance Interiors Stylist