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Kids Cabs Child Friendly Transport

At Kids Cabs we provide safe (and hopefully affordable) transport for children in and  around the Edinburgh area of Scotland.

We cater for every age from newborns to teenagers and provide car seats that are suitable for each child and we ensure that they are fitted properly.

Our website tells you a little about us and what we believe.

We like what we do and we like knowing that we provide a service that keeps kids that little bit safer and gives their parents that little bit more peace of mind.


We are at a crossroads now however and need to decide where we go from here.

We never advertise nor promote our services, people seek us out and are now telling others that we exist. We do what we do because we want to ensure that parents or carers can transport their children safely when they are traveling.

We wonder though if we have a 'business' and what the potential is and how we might realise that potential.

We like the possibility that we can make sure that even more children are transported safely when traveling.

I'm hoping this course will help us decide.


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