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Kids Art Print Makeover- Johnny Appleseed Change The World

I remember reading this to children.  A light bulb went on and ...right then and there I knew I  wanted to create art for children. I want to create art that inspires children...of any age really. My audience is children who dream wonder and imagine. It seems as we grow older this slips away for most of us. I just want to go back to the story book characters who inspire me. This is the current picture of the art I sell on etsy.  I am a selling this in an effort to earn money for supplies and keep learning.

What I want to redo. Love the idea but this needs to completely change. The idea is that wow one person made a difference and and me can change the world.


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Quote I am working with keywords, a vision I had in my head and some lose drawings...all that matters here is letting the creative juices flow right. I noticed that I will get an idea in my head and I feel the need to draw it and not worry about punctiation, straigt lines and such.







I will be working on thumbnails and coming up with some ideas for the sketch. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.




I like the layout of the second one but I drew the dream better in the first one.  Any advice would be awesomehere.



What I have learned is that hand lettering takes a lot of work and a great The crazy thing is I love it and it relaxes me...does this mean I have found what I need to be doing?  Any way back to this project, I think that perhpas I should experiment with a pan or make two versions of this one project? What do you all think?




Okay so this is my latest and looking at it and with the help of someone I realize that there needs to be some spacing between the first and second line. and the seeds in the middle. I am thinking I should color this green or should it be read.....but he did plant green apple seeds?




Thank you so much Mary for doing these classes. They allow rising artists like me to learn and one day have my products and classes. I really want your book. I hope I win.



I drew arrows to show where I need to move things over and redraw when I trace. I can use tracing paper to redraw certain areas. Yes, I am learning and I love it!



Like I said it's not perfect but what matters is I am practicing. I just started doing this and from what all you pros say, it takes hours and hours of long practice to get good.  Any tips on how I can improve would be awesome! Thanks!





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