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Hi There!

My project is called Kid 2 Kid.  It will be a place where moms and dads can sell/buy toys and baby equipment from other local moms in their area.  I want the application to area specific, meaning you can only join the group if you live in that area/suburb.  In my case I will be using the area of Elmhurst (which is a western suburb of Chicago).  I want to keep it area specific because I think that it creates a sense of community and if you sell/buy, you don't have to travel too far.

This application is based around the fact that there are so many baby/children items that are only used for a short period of time.  Kids grow bored with their toys, they grow out of clothes, and baby items can be VERY expensive.  This application will allow moms/dads to upload a picture of the item that they want to sell, set their price and write a brief discription of the item.  

Then, the other members of the group can purchase this item and they can set up a time to meet to make the exchange.  Who knows, they may even become friends!

My idea is still brewing so check back often to see new developments!  Ideas are welcome and encouraged!


Here are my links...(very basic for now)




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