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Nicola Valentine

Prize winning writer of novels, stories and films



Kickstart your Novel: Marketing plan

Project update 7th November

So, overnight I managed to get that glorious 25 students to make a class trend. This was boosted by a family member (my husband) posting to his social media too, and just asking simply for people to join and spread the word! 

I now have 28 students and have seen myself trending in the lists. I've set my course to free for a couple of hours to try to maximise on trending, although I have no idea if that's the right strategy! I'll toggle it back soon just in case it's not :)



Project update:

Premium Link

Free link

I'm up to 20 students now, still with that one positive review. It's not quite the 25 I'd like but at least it's moved in the right direction. A few things that seem to have helped. 

1. Changing the course title to something catchier. It was 'Get Started on your Novel' and I changed it to 'Kickstart your Novel'

2. Changing the cover image to something that looked more professional. I had to get a trial version of Photoshop for this but it was so useful that I'm actually considering buying the Creative Cloud. 

3. Tweaking the description, keywords etc,

4. Posting to relevant facebook groups rather than friends and family. I feel more comfortable with this, generally, I have to admit. I've tried friends and family and I think they want to help but they aren't familiar with the platform so get confused about what to do. I'm still plugging away at this one. 

I toggled my course from premium to free for a while to try to pick up a few extra students. The first time I did this, it was helpful, but the next time didn't seem to make any difference at all. I'm not quite sure why this would be. 

I've also updated my introductory video to include the 'click enroll and I'll see you inside' kind of message, the way I've seen on a bunch of other courses. This is more recent, though, so I'm yet to see if that helps or not, although I suspect it will. I've changed the outro video too, to specifically suggest to people they might want to leave a review when they're done. That's a more long term thing. Oh, and I've put some talking head inserts into those two videos to mix things up a bit. Mind you, I was hesitant about that. I recently shaved my head for charity so I'm hoping that isn't too off putting to potential students! 

Back on 1st November:

So far I've marketed the course with premium and free links. I'm trying to tie things in with National Novel Writing Month as this course could be useful for anyone having a go at this. I've posted onto one Facebook group as well as my own pages, but have asked to join another couple of free online courses groups. I've sent links to some friends and family, but am going to spread that more widely in the next few days. 

I find this marketing stuff hard so any hints, tips and so on, are all massively appreciated. 

Thanks in advance


Premium Link 

Free Link 

Progress so far: 7 new students, one positive review. Yay! 

Some screenshots:





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