Kickstart Your Creativity: How to Design a Mood Board Using Canva

Kickstart Your Creativity: How to Design a Mood Board Using Canva - student project


Have you ever wondered how designers create beautiful mood boards? Or what they are really used for? In this class I will walk you through the fun process that most creatives out there use as first step for each new project they have. 

Don't worry, you don't need advanced Photoshop skills to do this. In fact, we won't even be using Photoshop to design your first mood board. We will use Canva, a free online graphic design platform that is professional and easy to use. 

From gathering the right inspiration that communicates your message, to putting together the colors and images that match the style you are looking for, you will be ready to share your vision for your next project in no time and use them in many different ways: interior design, party planning, brand identity and more. 


Design your first mood board. You can download a template to use as guide on Canva. 


Your assignment is to kickstart your creativity and create your first mood board! Follow the steps we covered to complete your design: 

  1. Define what you want to communicate with your design, using keywords.
  2. Specify the colors and images you will look for. 
  3. Gather all the images you want to use for your mood board. 
  4. Create your account on Canva and start your design. 
  5. Save your image and enjoy!

Kickstart Your Creativity: How to Design a Mood Board Using Canva - image 1 - student project


Now that you have your mood board ready, it's time to share it. Upload your design in the Project Gallery, as well as your inspiration behind it. 


Find Images on: Pexels (free), Pixabay (free), Picjumbo (free), Unsplash (free), Fotolia (paid), Creative Market (paid), Stocksy (paid).

Mood Board Credits:

Pink Office (source), Book Stand (source), Tulips (source), Color (source), Actress (source), Candle (source), Lettering (source).

Students can download a mood board template to use on Canva. 

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Maru Ramirez
Web + Graphic Design