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Kickoff Moodboard

My first instinct when hearing the word juxtaposition and appropriation was to relate it to design elements. Something like the juxtaposition of geometric shapes to create an organic form, or using bright patterns on a platform that is more typically subdued.

I don't want to elaborate on all these images and how they fit into the two categories but there are a few that I thought were really cool. I really dug the Zaha Hadid boat designs that took our idea of what a boat should look like and transformed it into an abstraction, while still retaining the essential elements of what we would call a boat. I found the dragon turtle particularly interesting for mainly two reasons. First, dragons and turtles are always cool and second, to take the typically snakelike figure of a chinese dragon and combine it with the chunky build of a turtle was just a really fun example of juxtaposing forms. The last example I want to point out is the cold weather equiped Lamborghini Gallardo. I thought it was cool to take a vehicle that normally exists on the autobahn and drop it into the raw elements of nature.

I had my reasons for picking each of these images but I'm more interested in hearing what everyone else thinks of when they look at these images.


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