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I swim (adult Masters) and I've done a few (less than imaginative) team shirts. I wanted to do something a little more creative.

The phrase that I chose for this project is a quote from our coach:

"Kicking, it's better than dinner and a movie"

Here are my brainstorming ideas:


I pulled several ideas and designs from Pinterest to put into my mood board. The last few pics are ideas for smaller details that I might want to include for movies and dinner. I like the "wave" action in the "surf's up" design.



I think I'll use "kicking" for my lettering warm-up. More later...

Kicking five ways:



Here are my preliminary sketches. I like #1 and #2 the best, but can't decide. I need to let it marinate a bit. If I do a t-shirt, I will certainly want to add some swim-team specifics.


I'm looking forward to adding more design and details to this!

I would appreciate some feedback from those with a better design eye than me. ;-)

Here is my penciled rough drawing:


Now on to refining the details and inking!

Here is my "final" inked project. This was my first lettering project, so I can cerainly see that I need more practice. I'm not completly happy with my inking and will do another version before digitizing. I will also be adding a piece to the bottome: "S W I M  F I G  G A R D E N" since it will be a team shirt for our swim team.



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