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Kicking Ass in Angel Grove

Great class Patrick! I've always admired your digital rendering skills and it was a thrill to finally see a step by step breakdown of your approach. Making my linework look good by adding digital color is something I've had trouble with but this class certainly opened a plethura of doors for my technique. 

I don't usually do fan art but I found this project the perfect opportunity to create a piece in tribute to one of my childhood heroes: Trini Kwan, played by the amazing Thuy Trang. I grew up with the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers; when I was a kid my mom had to pretty much dress me herself I was so transfixed on a group of teenagers as they defended the earth from evil in their giant Dinozords. So when I heard that Thuy died in a car accident I was fixated on immortalizing her in some artwork. 

The first step I took was to reimagine the Putty Patrollers. I knew I wanted Trini to be surrounded by them while still having the upperhand (as was common in the show) but I thought it would be necessary to 'upgrade' the Puttys and make them a bit more menacing. 

Trini took a bit more time to master. 

I eventually came up with a design that looked like her but was still stylized enough to fit into my universe.  

Probably the most fun I had on the preliminary stage was to reinvent the Super Puttys as I wanted to incorporate at least one into the scene. For his design I tried to imagine a brute made of cheap clay and who had just escaped from an insane asylum; not the sane kind of insane asylum, the old school kind with the straitjackets, rusty bars and inmates eating their own hands. 

I'm very pleased at how this project came out. Thank you so much for sharing your coloring and inking techniques Patrick. After taking this class I have much more confidence in my digital approach to my work. 


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