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Kickin' Donkey

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1. The Moodboard 

My animal's gonna be the donkey.
In a kicking motion of course, to have the full power of this majestic animal.
Jokes aside, donkeys  are kick-ass, loyal companions, and better not to mess with.

So, unfortunateley there are not too many good pictures of kicking donkeys on the web, but lucky me, Mr. Eadward Muygridge studied the motions of animals and people between 1872 and 1885, and he also got an "animal locomotion" of the kicking companion. So thats my reference:

Because the picture is very small, and not too good (amazing for 1885 though) i chose some other nice pictures to have some more details of the donkey. for example the head is super-characteristic and important. Also the colouring, ears, neck and his tail. For that i made kind of a "detail Moodboard"

okay, so here we are, having a kicking 1885's donkey and nice details to refer to during the project.


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