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Kick some asana

This was my very first stab at chalk lettering, and I couldn't believe how hard it was! The biggest challenge for me was using regular-size chalk on a small board. (One day I'll have a chalk wall, but unfortunately, not today.) It's hard to get small details looking nice when it's on such a small scale. 

On my next try, I'll not only draw out guides, but I'll probably also create lines or boxes for the individual letters. I feel like the final "a" was crunched a little and spacing out the letters ahead of time would have helped. Working on a small scale like this, and being kind of a sloppy newbie, I found that Q-tips worked really well for cleaning things up.

I chose the phrase "Kick some Asana" because 1) I'm a yogi; and 2) I had recently done a pencil sketch of this. (see below) I altered the flourishes and decoration in the chalk version.

I should also mention that the word "asana" just refers to a yoga pose. That's how the poses are named in sanskrit (bakasana, uttanasana, etc.). 

Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your incredible talent. You make it look so easy (Which means you've worked really hard at it!) :-) I'm going to keep practicing this, and would love to have a wall to work with one day!

The pencil sketch: 


A hyperlapse of the progression:

The final:



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