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Kick Up Your Quesadillas - Sept. Teacher Challenge

This is my marketing plan for the Class Marketing course.

My Kick Up Your Quesadillas class is now live! (Milestone 6)

{Skipped Milestone 5 since it was optional}

My introduction video is posted here on YouTube (Milestone 4). 

Check out my Class Outline here (Milestone 3)

Class Description + Class Project: (Milestone 2)

Class DescriptionIn this class, you'll learn step-by-step how to make the best quesadillas you've ever had. We're going to nerd-out by deep-diving into both cooking techniques and ingredients. This class is fun, educational, and delicious. The lesson videos focus on the different stages of quesadilla-making: caramelizing vegetables, cheese selection, two "star" ingredient options, cooking technique, and plating/inspired garnishes.

Class Project:  Create your own quesadilla!

What's the fun in learning if you don't apply your newfound skills? This class project gives you a tasty reason to put to use the skills you've learned in class. 

Project deliverable #1 -- Upload one photo of a beautifully finished plate containing the following elements:

1.  Three fold-over quesadillas with the following fillings:

  • Your choice of at least one caramelized vegetable
  • A "star" element like fried potatoes, picadillo, seared tomatoes, shredded chicken, taco meat, etc. (It could be something you learned in class or feel free to try something new!)
  • Visibly melted cheese--I want to see that melted cheese! 

2. Structural integrity--your quesadilla should look like it can easily be eaten by hand

3. Your choice of at least one garnish 

Project deliverable #2 -- Underneath your photo submission, use the space to tell us what you included in your quesadilla. A simple labelled list is fine -- you don't need to write out paragraphs if you aren't inclined. To include in your description:

  • What type of tortilla did you use?
  • Which vegetables are included in your caramelized vegetables?
  • What did you chose for your "star" ingredient and what cooking technique did you use?
  • What type of cheese(s) did you use?
  • What's your garnish? 


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