Kibibi's Favorite Way To Make An Online Community

I must say I struggle in this are because I am more of an introvert and spend more time with books and courses than I do with people.  

I have built a community on Facebook but it's not really for business purposes.  I also have several facebook fan pages (because when I get a good idea I tend to register a domain name and snatch up the Facebook page, pinterest handle, youtube handle, instagram account, and twitter)- so I have a collection of these accounts that aren't being used.

Personally my favorite social network is Pinterest because I spend hours on it pinning pictures. I sew 90% of my own clothes so I get ideas from there and I also like beach pictures, hairstyles, and makeup. 

My best friend swears by pinterest.  She has a craft business and she was the first to introduce me to it.

Kibibi Jett
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