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Keyword Research for Blog Posts

This class is for aspiring bloggers, people who write for their company blog, or seasoned veterans who never remember to do keyword research for their blog post.

The most important thing when creating a blog post is making the post engaging, interesting, and shareable - that's first. Also important is optimizing the blog post with a few researched keywords. This will help your blog post rank better in the search engines for topics that you care about.

What I'll Be Teaching

  • How to use keyword research to generate the blog post idea in the first place
  • Check out your competition and build on what works for them
  • Use the Google Keyword Planner to find your target keywords
  • Choose your target keywords and structure your post
  • Naturally optimize your blog post
  • Track results over time

Student Project

Students will choose a past blog post they've written and optimize it with keywords. Choose one of your 5 most popular blog posts, as having a bit of traffic will help you see the before and after effects better.

If you've never written a blog post, you can still follow along in this project. You'll learn how to optimize a post before you publish it and be one step ahead of the curve. Just start with an article draft you have in a Word doc that you want to publish as a blog post, or start from scratch.

Final deliverable: Student will publish their optimized blog post into the project area. Along the way, I'll ask students for updates.

  • Update 1 would be to simply post the link to their current blog post.
  • Update 2 would be the keyword research they did for the blog post.
  • Update 3 would be the final post.


Here is the link to the class outline

Video Sample Link



Please answer these questions in the comments below:

  1. Do you current write blog posts?
  2. How often do you do keyword research for your posts: a) never b) sometimes c) always
  3. What prevents you from doing so?
  4. What questions do you have about keyword research for blog posts?

I'll try to incorporate your questions to help guide the course, so feedback is important early on!


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