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Keys to Happiness: Anticipate, Savor, Express, Remember

For my lettering project, I chose a phrase from "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. The book tells about the author's one-year project of trying to bring more happiness into her daily life. I was struck by her observation that in order to eke out the most happiness from an experience, there are four stages: you should gleefully ANTICIPATE it, SAVOR it as it happens, EXPRESS your joy, and REMEMBER the experience. I love this sentiment, and want to create a beautiful reminder to myself, using the key words:


Happiness is a joyful topic and leaves the door open for bold colors and playful letters. My brainstorming also unearthed themes of sunshire, memories, and nostalgia. I decided to research some vintage aesthetics that incorporated these words. My mood board gradually became more and more hippie-inspired. Here are some selections from my Pinterest board.

As you can see, I'm veering toward a sentimental 1960s flower-power visual. I took pencil to paper and started warming up and trying things out.

I'm excited about pulling it all together! There are so many directions I can take it. I'm loving the bold flowers, funky letters for EXPRESS, flowy elongated SAVOR in script, and I also really love the darkest REMEMBER in thick letters with the swoopy detail above it. 

Here are my rough thumbnail sketches...

If you look at the group of six thumbnails, I really love the way SAVOR flows in the top right thumbnail. It reminds me of savoring a dessert or a magical moment.

Here's one sketch without much detail (please excuse the phone photo). I think I want to re-think "remember" and "anticipate" and add in some of the colorful hippie flower elements from my brainstorming. I love the scrawly way that "savor" looks.


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