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Kevin Burns

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Kevin Burns Business Card

I started the project as advised with typing my content.  Then I started playing with it... finding a natural looking grid and adding contrast for different elements. 

These are the designs that I settled with:

Example #1

There is a hole in the top right corner that I think could easily be filled with a simple graphic symbol.  I'm not sure if that is really part of the assignment at this time...  and to be honest... I think leaving it blank lightens things up...

Example #2

I like the symmetry on this card... and I've always been a BIG fan of Futura...

Example #3

This design could have some legs after a little more thought and work... (honestly, I'm starting to run out of time to get this assignment completed.)  I do like the font quite a bit and think I should play some more with the bolder and thinner looks... good start to an idea though....

I also like how the lines have an ascending amount of elements in each.  There is one element to the name of the church, two elements on the line with my name and position, three elements on the line with my contact information and four elements on the top line with my expertise...

Example #4

This is probably my least favorite of the four designs, but this class is about experimenting, and this is what I would DEFINITELY call an experiment.  I had the "First United Methodist Church" part the same font size as "richardson" and the other side, but it was wayyy to symmetrical.  So... to add a little whimsy, I thought of shrinking it some.

This is the version of Gotham that I have installed on my computer, but definitely not the complete font set.  Had I had some more tools to work with, this design might turn into something a little bit more...

More Work in progress as we advance in lessons!!


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