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Kerouac's quote

Hi, Rylsee!

Thank you for your class! I was doing some lazy sketching while watching it and i was about to finish when you started to talk about balancing, i turned my sketch upside down and it was surprisingly bad ) So what i did is just took your shadowing and added it to my work, because that's the way i normally do - when i see something awesome i draw it in my sketchbook. It's my workplace, it's not for anyone else, so i feel free also to repeat by others and learn that way.


I make sketches pretty the same way as you do. I make thumbnails first (sometimes it looks like a real mess, but that's okay for me while i can still understand what is going on there):


These days after it i usually switch to a4 list of blanc paper and make sketches in pencil several times using my lightpad, then i ink and vectorize. But this one wasn't going anywhere, so i just made a sketch in pencil in my sketchbook and inked it right there.

Once again thank you for you inspiring class, looking forward to see your next classes (maybe you'll even make ont with your 3d-A'xperiments - that would be great, i love your As)!


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