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Kerning Exercise

Kerning Exercise - August 7


Andale Mono (Original on top)


Typography & Typefaces We See All Around Us - August 5


Real Simple Magazine - I'm currently planning my wedding, so I have a few of these bridal magazines lying about. I enjoy Real Simple's typeface choices because they are true to its name. 
Sharpie Pen - The typefaces here are clever, both signify the style of what their product produces. The original Sharpie marker thickness for its logo, and a thin line for the line width this pen creates. 
Carpet Branding - I thought this carpet brand had a nice pairing of typefaces. It seems to suggest a simple elegance.
Hospital Signage - The typography utilized for this sign reflects the clean feel of the hospital.
Gum Machine - A childlike font for a treat geared towards children, genius.
Elevator - A clearly legible typeface is necessary for elevators and other public accommodations, and one cannot forget the braille (thought to self, are there different typefaces of braille or one universal set?).  
Flooring Store Sign - I thought this modest eye catching sign, that is easily read by passersby, suited this quaint carpet store.


10 Typefaces for 10 Words - July 22

I thought it was interesting that when I see a word I instantly come up with a "personality" for it in my head (ex. I automatically imagined handwritten and heart doodles for the childlike typeface). Instead of initially surfing through different typefaces, I came up with what I was looking for in my head and searched for the typeface that matched my vision. I wonder if everyone has a different method of coming up with their ten typefaces?


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