Kerney's Plan

Kerney's Plan - student project

Who am I? I am a hardworking survivor who is knowledgeable with a side of extra dry humor.

What do I have to offer

Book Insights, i.e. pointing out things that authors do well and how you can use and  learn from them.

Massive knowledge in history, anthropology, mythology which are useful in world building.

I sing wacky songs, for  example, have you heard the lyrics to the Jurasic Park theme song? (I want to turn it into a puppet musical someday).

Merge Them!

I will do a video blog, preferably on youtube which will upload on Thursday. I will give an anayalsis pointing out what authors I have read have done well while avoiding the weakness because I don't want to piss off every author in the world who I might want to befriend who might have insight to help me.

I will cover real life knowledge and talk about how you gain such things and how it applies to writing.

3 or 4 times a year I will sing, and it will be a horrible sight.

Who? Authors and would be authors, book nerds, particularly fans of modern fantasy (ie Urban, but I've noticed a lot of non urban) and SF.

What? Insight.Knowledge, Humor.

Where? Youtube

How? Facebook, tumblr, twitter.